Dack Stuart

Research Lab Specialist Associate

4840 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

734-741-2443 x 506


  • M.S., Marine Studies (Oceanography), University of Delaware-Lewes, 2010
  • B.S., Oceanography, University of Michigan, 2008

Research Interests:

Limnology, wetlands research and restoration, water quality, chemical/anthropogenic tracers in the environment, and marine sedimentology.  Applying field and laboratory efforts to resolve and evaluate geologic and environmental processes within coastal environments.

Current Research:

Harmful algae bloom water quality studies (western Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay).  Weekly cruises to collect water samples, deploy marine instrumentation (SeaBird CTD, fluoroprobe) and collect hyperspectral measurements (WetLabs ACS/BB9, Satlantic hyperspectral profiler, Satlantic Hypergun).  Lake Huron sinkhole hyperspectral measurements.  Lake Michigan hyperspectral measurements.  Lake Erie real-time buoy system (deployment, service, recovery).  Lake Erie sediment coring.  Some experience with AUVs and underwater gliders.


Expertise with data analysis using various software platforms (Microsoft Office, Sigmaplot, Surfer, SonarWiz) as well as GIS and other geospatial software packages to map and define geomorphological and coastal processes.  Field experience includes working on research vessels (15ft-150ft), implementation of sediment sampling strategies to ground-truth geophysical survey data (physical properties, sediment stratigraphy, layer thickness) and estimate sedimentation rates as well as acquisition, processing and interpretation of bathymetric, side-scan sonar, and sub-bottom sonar surveys and water sample collection. Managed the setup, deployment, maintenance and recovery of small-scale oceanographic instrument packages including buoy systems for real-time water quality observation.