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How to Read the Forecast

Time Stamp

The time stamp shows the five-day period for the predicted forecast. Day:Month:Year:Time

Animation Bar

The animation bar allows you to fast forward, rewind, or pause the animated forecast at a desired date/time.

Color Scale

The color scale used on this animated map shows the predicted amount of chlorophyll in the water, which is an indicator of the presence of algae and the severity of HABs. Blue shades indicate less algae and red shades indicate higher algae. Chlorophyll is a pigment that allows algae (and all plants) to convert sunlight to energy via photosynthesis. A similar forecast for HAB toxins is currently under development.

Data Source

This forecast is produced by the Harmful Algal Bloom monitoring program, a joint effort by NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab (GLERL) and CIGLR with support from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. 

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About the Research

Visit NOAA GLERL’s website for a deeper look into our research on harmful algal blooms. CIGLR supports the mission and goals of the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, and collaborates with them to develop these next-generation NOAA forecasts. Read the disclaimer.

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