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The Research Engagement Team at CIGLR helps scientists collaborate with stakeholders & rights holders to turn research into action for the Great Lakes community. 

Have you ever looked for information about Great Lakes water conditions to make a decision? If the answer is yes, then you are a CIGLR stakeholder! Our stakeholders include community groups like anglers, ship captains, public water system operators, beach goers, public health professionals, natural resource managers, and many others.
Research engagement is a two-way interaction between researchers & end-users for the mutually beneficial development & transfer of knowledge. When stakeholders, rights holders, and end-users engage in the development of research projects and products, we are able to achieve our engagement goals:
    1. Create Great Lakes research products that answer critical stakeholder questions and meet their most pressing information needs.
    2. Ensure that our research products are easy to use, easy to access, and appreciated by end-users
    3. Facilitate positive and effective communication between Great Lakes scientists and stakeholders, rights holders, and end-users
    4. Build CIGLR’s reputation in the region as an authority on Great Lakes research, and a resource for community groups



Riley Ravary

Research Engagement Program Lead

Aubrey Arnt

Research Engagement Specialist

Megan DiCocco

Research Engagement Specialist

John McClure

Research Engagement Specialist