Winter 2018 eNewsletter

Video Spotlight

CIGLR Begins Monthly Video Spotlight Series

CIGLR has started a video campaign called the “CIGLR Minute” that will spotlight our institute’s scientists, projects, and partners. These short video segments include highlights of our research, as well as our outreach and engagement throughout the Great Lakes region.

January Spotlight: David Wells, CIGLR Research Technician

David Wells is a CIGLR Research Technician focusing on how invasive species have affected larval fish by changing the lower food webs in Lakes Michigan and Huron. His expertise is operating the MOCNESS (Multiple Opening and Closing Net Environmental Sensing System), a sophisticated instrument that was developed for oceanic sampling and is novel to the Great Lakes.


February Spotlight: Lake Effect Snow Research

Lake effect snow storms have huge impacts on transportation, public safety and business revenue. Recently, great improvements have been made to forecasting lake effect snow and scientists from CIGLR are a part of it. Dr. Ayumi Fujisaki-Manome, CIGLR Assistant Research Scientist, and Lindsay Fitzpatrick, CIGLR Atmospheric Data Analyst, recently collaborated on an article that discusses instruments and models that can help improve the accuracy of lake effect snow forecasting.