CIGLR is governed by two advisory boards, consistent with NOAA Cooperative Institute procedures.

Executive Board – Administrative Oversight

  • Reviews, providing recommendations on, and approving CIGLR’s Strategic Plan.
  • Makes recommendations to CIGLR’s Director concerning the administrative budget.
  • Approves appointments for the Council of Fellows.
  • Reviews the annual budget and progress report of the CI.
  • Reviews agreements or addenda to CIGLR’s Cooperative Agreement, as may be entered into in the future, and making recommendations about such agreements to the Director.
  • Reviews general policies of CIGLR and initiating appropriate recommendations.
  • Assures that CIGLR maintains a basin-wide approach in the Great Lakes and fully engages the Regional Consortium in research, outreach, education, and communications.

Executive Board members:

  • Carl Gouldman – Director, U.S. IOOS Office, NOAA National Ocean Service
  • Deborah Lee – Director, NOAA GLERL (Ex-Officio)
  • Brad Orr – Associate VP, Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Michigan
  • Jonathan Overpeck – Samuel A. Graham Dean, School for Environment and Sustainability, University of Michigan
  • Steven Thur – Director, National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, NOAA National Ocean Service


Council of Fellows – Scientific Oversight:

  • Provides leadership in maintaining high standards of research for the CI.
  • Analyzes the CI’s programs and science direction, identifying critical research needs, and recommending new research foci.
  • Advises CIGLR’s Director on selection of new Council of Fellows members and reappointment of current Fellows.
  • Makes recommendations to the CIGLR Director on the selection of Visiting Fellows.
  • Reviews grants and applications for non-administrative programs, including the Postdoctoral Fellowships, Visiting Fellows, and Graduate Research Fellowships, and making recommendations to the CIGLR Director about priority applicants.

Council of Fellows members:

  • John Bratton – Senior Scientist, LimnoTech
  • Philip Chu – Physical Scientist, NOAA GLERL
  • Patrick Doran – Associate State Director for Michigan, The Nature Conservancy
  • Aaron Fisk – Professor, Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, University of Windsor (CIGLR co-PI)
  • Steve Fondriest – President, Fondriest Environmental
  • Ayumi Fujisaki-Manome – Assistant Research Scientist, CIGLR, University of Michigan
  • Sara Hughes – Associate Professor, School for Environment & Sustainability & Associate Director, CIGLR, University of Michigan (CIGLR co-PI)
  • Rebecca Klaper – Associate Dean/Professor, School of Freshwater Sciences & Director, Great Lakes Genomics Center, U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee (CIGLR co-PI)
  • Phanikumar Mantha – Professor/Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, Michigan State University
  • Dennis McCauley – President and Principal Research Scientist, Great Lakes Environmental Center
  • Mike Murray – Staff Scientist, National Wildlife Federation Great Lakes Regional Center
  • Steve Ruberg – Group Leader, Marine Instrumentation Lab, NOAA GLERL
  • Lars Rudstam – Director, Shackelton Point Field Station, Cornell University (CIGLR co-PI)
  • Al Steinman – Director, Annis Water Resources Institute, Grand Valley State University (CIGLR co-PI)
  • Robert W. Sterner – Director, Large Lakes Observatory, Univ. Minnesota-Duluth (CIGLR co-PI)
  • Donald Uzarski – Director, Biological Station and Institute for Great Lakes Research, Central Michigan University (CIGLR co-PI)
  • Hank Vanderploeg – Research Ecologist, NOAA GLERL
  • Chris Winslow – Director, Stone Laboratory, Ohio Sea Grant, Ohio State University (CIGLR co-PI)