Awards and Recognition

The CIGLR Staff Awards program recognizes the outstanding work done by our staff and postdoctoral research fellows.
About the three awards:


1. Research Excellence: given for outstanding performance in laboratory research, field work, computer modeling, and/or data analysis. Special consideration is given to scientific achievements, innovative work, and advances that lead to products that serve CIGLR’s mission.

2. Science for Society: recognizes exceptional activities or accomplishments that support the pathway from science to public services. These translational activities may include (i) outreach, including advancement of public understanding of CIGLR research, (ii) engagement, including the co-design of research with stakeholders, development of products that serve society, and policy engagement.

3. Community: given for exceptional contributions to building the CIGLR community, encouraging teamwork, and excellence in mentoring.

Congratulations to our 2024 award recipients!

Research Excellence:
Jasmine Mancuso
Science for Society:
Riley Ravary
Anna Boegehold
Madeline Tomczak

2024 Award Finalists:

Research Excellence Award:
    • Jasmine Mancuso, Aquatic Ecology Research Analyst – Recipient
    • Haoguo Hu, Ice Modeler – Runner-up
Science for Society Award
    • Riley Ravary, Research Engagement Program Lead – Recipient
Community Award
    • Anna Boegehold, Algal Toxin & Ecology Research Specialist – Recipient
    • Madeline Tomczak, Food Web Laboratory Analyst – Recipient