March 2024 eNewsletter

Congratulations to CIGLR’s 2024 Award Recipients

We are thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2024 CIGLR Staff Awards! The CIGLR Staff Awards program recognizes the outstanding work done by our staff and postdoctoral research fellows. Please join us in congratulating Jasmine Mancuso, Riley Ravary, Anna Boegehold, and Madeline Tomczak!

The Research Excellence Award was given to Jasmine Mancuso (Aquatic Ecology Research Analyst) for her outstanding performance in laboratory research, fieldwork, computer modeling, data analysis, scientific achievements, and innovative work.

Since starting at CIGLR in late 2022, Jasmine has worked through one field season. Within that field season, she not only took an initiative to support ongoing harmful algal blooms research but also sought out additional leadership responsibilities, including serving as the project lead for the entire Lake Erie Transect project. Jasmine’s passion for her work and initiative to grow beyond what was expected of her in such an early stage in her career is a good indicator of the continued success she will have as a CIGLR researcher.

Haoguo Hu (Ice Modeler) was runner-up.

The Science for Society Award was given to Riley Ravary (Research Engagement Program Lead) and recognizes exceptional activities or accomplishments that support the link between science and public service.

Described as an “empathetic leader” and “invaluable mentor and visionary,” Riley has redefined engagement at CIGLR and NOAA GLERL in just over one year since her hire. Her leadership has helped the research engagement team authentically engage with stakeholders, rightsholders, and potential end users of CIGLR research while prioritizing traditionally underserved groups. Riley’s enthusiasm, passion, and understanding of what it means to create science for the purpose of bettering society has and will continue to shape CIGLR’s greater impact across the nation and world.

The Community Award was given to Anna Boegehold (Algal Toxin & Ecology Research Specialist) for exceptional contributions to building the CIGLR community, encouraging teamwork, and excellence in mentoring.

Anna’s vibrant personality, professionalism, and dedication to help others has set an outstanding example for all at CIGLR, and she consistently and enthusiastically uses her own voice to elevate those around her and encourages everyone to bring their whole selves to work. An active member of the social committee and a leader on the harmful algal blooms team, Anna has gone above and beyond to create welcoming physical spaces for both CIGLR and NOAA GLERL colleagues to come together, encouraging productivity, connection, and community across boundaries. She has also made an impact in the broader community, volunteering and encouraging coworkers to volunteer as well. An approachable and involved mentor to her earlier career coworkers, Anna routinely finds ways to help her colleagues learn and grow.

The Community Award was given to Madeline Tomczak (Food Web Laboratory Analyst) for exceptional contributions to building the CIGLR community, encouraging teamwork, and excellence in mentoring.

Maddie has proven herself time and time again as someone who incorporates the spirit of community at CIGLR and who always takes time to say something positive about someone else. Maddie is a long-serving and invaluable member of CIGLR’s social committee and has more recently become a leader of the CIGLR Rain Garden volunteer program and of Science & Snacks. Additionally, she builds community and provides mentorship in more subtle ways, such as warmly welcoming anyone to sit with her for lunch, singularly representing CIGLR at scientific conferences, engaging with NOAA GLERL staff and activities, and being a cheerleader and sympathetic ear to her fellow science staff. A first friend to many new hires, Maddie’s patience, enthusiasm, dedication, and positive attitude towards her work have been essential to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment in the office and broader CIGLR community.