Experimental Hypoxia Forecast Annual Stakeholder Meeting

Date: June 26, 2018

Leads: Devin Gill (CIGLR), Craig Stow (NOAA GLERL), Mark Rowe (NOAA GLERL), Kelli Paige (GLOS), Ed Verhamme (LimnoTech)

About: All interested stakeholders and partners were invited to receive an update on the development of the hypoxia forecast, the webpage designed as its user interface, and the results of the focus group study.

Funding: This workshop was supported by NOAA’s Coastal Hypoxia Research Program.




    • Agenda 
    • Experimental Lake Erie Hypoxia Forecasting for Public Water Systems Decision Support, Mark Rowe [Presentation]
    • Saginaw Bay Harmful Algal Blooms: Nutrient Status, Craig Stow [Presentation]
    • Experimental Lake Erie Hypoxia Forecast Focus Group & Evaluation Survey Results, Devin Gill [Presentation]
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