2014 Summer Fellows

gibson-sherikaFellow: Sherika Gibson
Affiliation: University of Michigan – Dearborn
Mentors: Hongyan Zhang (UM-CILER), Ed Rutherford (NOAA-GLERL), Doran Mason (NOAA-GLERL) and Lori Ivan (UM-CILER)
Position: Using ecosystem-based model to study the spatiotemporal impacts of remediation on the Food web of Great Lakes

li-kevinFellow: Kevin Li
Affiliation: University of Michigan
Mentors: Ashley Baldridge (UM-CILER), Hongyan Zhang (UM-CILER) and Ed Rutherford (NOAA-GLERL)
Position: Impacts of Climate Change on Food Webs

kessler-jamesFellow: James Kessler
Affiliation: University of Michigan
Mentor: Brent Lofgren (NOAA-GLERL)
Position: Extreme Precipitation Events in Regional Climate Models

hyung-kimberlyFellow: Kimberly Huynh
Affiliation: Northwestern University
Mentors: Dmitry Beletsky (UM-CILER) and Eric Anderson (NOAA-GLERL)
Position: Data Analyst / Hydrodynamic Modeling

kang-guotingFellow: Guoting Kang
Affiliation: Michigan State University
Mentors: George Leshkevich (NOAA-GLERL) and Doran Mason (NOAA-GLERL)
Position: Satellite Remote Sensing

dettloff-kyleFellow: Kyle Dettloff
Affiliation: Oregon State University
Mentors: Hank Vanderploeg (NOAA-GLERL) and Mark Rowe (NRC)
Position: Data Analyst: Simulating Effects of Dreissenid Mussels on Water Quality and Lower Food Web of Lake Michigan

li-janeFellow: Jane Li
Affiliation: Skidmore College
Mentor: Rochelle Sturtevant (NOAA-GLERL)
Position: Great Lakes Aquatic Nonindigenous Species Information System (GLANSIS)

hintzenFellow: Katy Hintzen
Affiliation: University of Michigan
Mentors: Felix Martinez (NOAA-NOS) and Jennifer Day (NOAA-OAR)
Position: Muskegon Lake Watershed Outreach

hart-justinFellow: Justin Hart
Affiliation: University of Michigan
Mentors: Lauren Fry (UM-CILER) and Eric Anderson (NOAA-GLERL)
Position: Nearshore Fecal Indicator Bacteria (FIB)

doerr-paulFellow: Paul Doerr
Affiliation: University of Michigan
Mentors: Steve Ruberg (NOAA-GLERL) and Ron Muzzi (NOAA-GLERL)
Position: Computer or Electronics Engineer, Event Warning System Design

keeling-ryanFellow: Ryan Keeling
Affiliation: University of Michigan – Dearborn
Mentors: Tom Johengen (UM-CILER) and Hongyan Zhang (UM-CILER)
Position: Microcystis blooms in North American lakes – remote sensing analyses

Fellow: Xueling Li
Affiliation: Michigan Tech University
Mentors: Guy Meadows (Michigan Technological University) and Pengfei Xue (Michigan Technological University)
Position: Nearshore Hydrodynamic Modeling