2015 Summer Fellows

Whitney Conard

Affiliation: University of Michigan

Mentor: Rochelle Sturtevant (Michigan Sea Grant)

Project: Great Lakes Aquatic Nonindigenous Species Information System (GLANSIS)

Kyle Dettloff

Affiliation: Oregon State University

Mentors: Ashley Baldridge & Henry Vanderploeg (NOAA); Hongyan Zhang (UM-CILER)

Project: Advancing Dreissenid Mussel Biomass and Growth Estimates

Drew Eppehimer

Affiliation: Arizona State University

Mentor: Edward Rutherford (NOAA)

Project: Invasive Species, Fisheries and Food Web Dynamics Impacts

Megan Ewald

Affiliation: SUNY-ESF

Mentors: Larissa Sano (UM-CILER); Catherine Riseng (Michigan Sea Grant); Margaret Lansing (NOAA)

Project: Science Translation and Communications for CSMI – Lake Michigan

Jordan Frey

Affiliation: Ithaca College

Mentor: Sonia Joshi (UM-CILER)

Project: Beach Information Communications, Marketing and Outreach

Trent Frey

Affiliation: University of Michigan

Mentors: Ayumi Manome (UM-CILER); Eric Anderson & Jia Wang (NOAA)

Project: Weather Research and Forecasting Data Analysis

Jeffrey Houghton

Affiliation: UW-Milwaukee

Mentors: Val Klump & Harvey Bootsma (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Project: Nearshore Metabolism and Food Web Structure in Lake Michigan

Rosemary Kelley

Affiliation: University of Michigan

Mentor: Tom Johengen (UM-CILER)

Project: Monitoring and Forecasting Microsystis Blooms in the Great Lakes

James Kessler

Affiliation: University of Michigan

Mentor: Ayumi Manome (UM-CILER)

Project: Great Lakes Modeling and Forecasting

Kevin Kijanka

Affiliation: University of Buffalo

Mentors: Hank Vanderploeg & Steve Ruberg (NOAA)

Project: Biophysical Measurements Using Video Imaging Analysis of Cyanobacteria

Scott Loeffler

Affiliation: University of Michigan

Mentors: Drew Gronewold (NOAA); Becky Bolinger (NOAA-NCAR)

Project: Assessing and Improving Regional Water Budget Forecasts

Lillian McGill

Affiliation: U. of Notre Dame

Mentors: Hongyan Zhang (UM-CILER); Ed Rutherford & Doran Mason (NOAA-GLERL)

Project: Ecosystem-based Modeling of Remediation Action Effects on the Lake Erie Food Web

Sabrina Shuman

Affiliation: University of Michigan

Mentors: Felix Martines (NOAA-NOS); Jennifer Day (NOAA-OAR)

Project: Muskegon Lake Watershed Outreach and Habitat Blueprint Coordination

Zifan Yang

Affiliation: University of Michigan

Mentors: Xuezhi Bai (UM-CILER); Xianglei Huang (UM-AOSS); Jia Wang and Anne Clites (NOAA)

Project: Great Lakes Ice Data Compilation and Analysis

Morgan Zyzik

Affiliation: Clarkson University

Mentors: Gregory Boyer & Michael Satchwell (SUNY-ESF)

Project: Autonomous Monitoring Systems for Harmful Cyanobacterial Blooms