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Dr. Tian Guo was a postdoctoral research fellow for the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research (CIGLR) at the University of Michigan. She received her Ph.D. from the College of Natural Resources at North Carolina State University, focusing on environmentally significant behavior and visitor use management on public lands. After graduation, Tian joined the University of Maine School of Forest Resources to study the social network of a regional sustainable energy industry.

As a social scientist at CIGLR, Dr. Guo studied individual decisions and behaviors contributing to the mitigation and adaptation to harmful algal blooms (HABs) and hypoxia in the Great Lakes region. She worked with other researchers, decision makers and stakeholders to identify decisions and management routines that determine HABs and hypoxia mitigation and adaptation and explore how HABs and hypoxia forecasting influences these decisions and routines. She was also interested in issues related to recreation management, invasive species, and fisheries management. Tian worked closely with natural scientists to examine the dynamics of coupled nature and human systems.

  • Ph.D. 2016, Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management, North Carolina State University
  • M.R. 2016, Statistics, North Carolina State University
  • M.S. 2012, Natural Resources Science and Management, University of Minnesota
  • M.S. 2012, Tourism Management, Sichuan University
  • B.S. 2009, Tourism Management, Sichuan University
Research Interest/Area of Expertise:

Dr. Tian Guo’s research generally focuses on individual behaviors and decision-making related to environmental problems and natural resource management. Tian has expertise in survey design and implementation. She also does interviews and experiments to test hypotheses related to decision-making mechanism and dilemmas. Tian was trained in social psychology theories and has experience using psychology, organization, communication and sociology theories to explain and predict individual interactions in groups and communities. Tian enjoys working closely with stakeholders, decision-makers, and practitioners on research and evaluation projects.

Recent Publications: 

Guo, T., D. Gill, T.H. Johengen and B.J. Cardinale. 2019. What determines the public’s support for water quality regulations to mitigate agricultural runoff?. Environmental Science and Policy. (DOI:10.1016/j.envsci.2019.09.008). [Altmetric Score]

Guo, T., E.C. Nisbet and J.F. Martin 2019. Identifying mechanisms of environmental decision-making: How ideology and geographic proximity influence public support for managing agricultural runoff to curb harmful algal blooms. Journal of Environmental Management. (DOI:10.1016/j.jenvman.2019.04.021). [Altmetric Score]

Guo, J.H., T. Guo, K.M. Lin, D.D. Lin, Y.F. Leung and Q.H. Chen. 2019. Managing congestion at visitor hotspots using park-level use level data: Case study of a Chinese World Heritage Site. Plos One. (DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0215266). [Altmetric Score]

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Recent Presentations:

Guo, T. 2019. How to integrate social science into NOAA GLERL’s science enterprise. Talk given at NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) All-Hands Meeting.

Guo, T. 2019. Hypothesis testing in social science: Results from 2018 Ohio residents harmful algal blooms survey. Talk given at NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) Brown Bag Series.

Guo, T. 2019. Examining psychological determinants of public support for environmental regulation in the context of agricultural nutrient runoff and harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie. Paper session presented at the 25th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM). June 19-22, 2019. Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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