Invasive Species


GLANSIS: Science and Management Support

Overview & Objectives

Aquatic nonindigenous species (ANS) are perhaps the greatest stressor currently facing the Great Lakes aquatic ecosystem, altering energy pathways, lowering food web and fisheries productivity, and costing millions of dollars annually in control and mitigation. NOAA’s Great Lakes Aquatic Nonindigenous Species Information System (GLANSIS) is a searchable database with fact sheets, threat assessments, and maps designed to improve stakeholder education, and inform prevention, management, and control of aquatic nonindigenous species (ANS). In this project, we propose to maintain, improve, and enhance GLANSIS to better inform managers of current and future threats from ANS.

PrincipaI Investigator(s):
Bradley Cardinale (CILER)

NOAA Technical Lead(s):
Felix Martinez (NOAA-GLERL)