Research Themes

CIGLR’s collaborative research encompasses the major environmental challenges and information needs that are critical for sustaining
high quality ecosystems, economies, and human experiences in the Great Lakes. Our research is the foundation for providing
Great Lakes Science for Society. 
CIGLR research addresses the following themes:

Observing Systems & Advanced Technology

Monitoring environmental change to help society navigate the Anthropocene

Our research team is working to advance observing systems technology and develop data products, such as real-time information and advance warning systems, that support sustainable water resources decision-making.

Invasive Species & Food Web Ecology

Tracking the dynamics and functioning of Great Lakes ecological communities

We are working to understand how the vast Great Lakes biological community changes through time and identify the consequences of change for the environment and humans.

Hydrometeorological & Ecosystem Forecasting

Modeling physical and biological processes to help predict the Great Lakes’ future

We are monitoring changing environments and translating those changes into predictions for the future, which help communities plan for potential impacts, minimize economic disruption, and reduce human health threats.

Protection & Restoration of Resources

Safeguarding Great Lakes ecosystem services

We are working to not only identify the economic value of Great Lakes ecosystem services, but also to manage, protect, and restore Great Lakes habitats that provide these services.