2022 Publications

Benjamin, S.G.; T.G. Smirnova; E.P. James; E.J. Anderson; A. Fujisaki-Manome; J.G.W. Kelley; G.E. Mann; A.D. Gronewold; P. Chu; S.G.T. Kelley. 2022. Inland lake temperature initialization via cycling with atmospheric data assimilation. Geoscientific Model Development. (DOI:10.5194/gmd-2021-409).

Fraker; M.E.; J.S. Sinclair; K.T. Frank; J.M. Hood; S.A. Ludsin. 2022. Temporal scope influences ecosystem driver-response relationships: A case study of Lake Erie with implications for ecosystem-based management. Science of The Total Environment. 813. (DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.152473).

Fujisaki-Manome, A.; D.M. Wright; G.E. Mann; E.J. Anderson; P. Chu; C. Jablonowski; S.G. Benjamin. 2022. Forecasting lake-/sea-effect snowstorms, advancement, and challenges. WIREs Water, E1594. (DOI:10.1002/wat2.1594).

Hong, Y.; H.X. Do; J. Kessler; L. Fry; L. Read; A.R. Nasab; A.D. Gronewold; L. Mason; E.J. Anderson. 2022. Evaluation of gridded precipitation datasets over international basins and large lakes. Journal of Hydrology. 607. (DOI:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2022.127507).

Jurjonas, M.; C.A. May; B.J. Cardinale; S. Kyriakakis; D.R. Pearsall; P.J. Dorana. 2022. A synthesis of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative according to the open standards for the practice of conservation. Journal of Great Lakes Research.      (DOI:10.1016/j.jglr.2022.01.008).

Kravtsov, S.; P. Roebber; T.M. Hamill; J. Brown. 2022. Objective methods for thinning the frequency of reforecasts while meeting post-processing and model validation needs. Weather and Forecasting. (DOI:10.1175/WAF-D-21-0162.1).

Lin, Y-C.; A. Fujisaki-Manome; E.J. Anderson. 2022. Simulating landfast ice in Lake Superior. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. 10(7), 932. (DOI:10.3390/jmse10070932).

Lin, Y-C.; A. Fujisaki-Manome; J. Wang. 2022. Recently amplified interannual variability of the Great Lakes ice cover in response to changing teleconnections. Journal of Climate. (DOI:10.1175/JCLI-D-21-0448.1).

Liu, L.; S. Davedu; A. Fujisaki-Manome; H. Hu; C. Jablonowski; P.Y. Chu. 2022. Machine learning model-based ice cover forecasting for a vital waterway in large lakes. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. 10(8), 1022. (DOI:10.3390/jmse10081022).

Marshall, N.T.; H.A. Vanderploeg; S.R. Chaganti. 2022. Improving environmental DNA sensitivity for dreissenid mussels by targeting tandem repeat regions of the mitochondrial genome. Water. 14(13), 2069. (DOI:10.3390/w14132069).

Passante, E.K.; L.E.Dechant; C.J.Paradis; S.L.McLellan. 2022. Halophilic bacteria in a Lake Michigan drainage basin as potential biological indicators of chloride-impacted freshwaters. Science of The Total Environment. 846 (157458). (DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2022.157458).

Steinman, A.D.; D.G. Uzarski; D.P. Lusch; C. Miller; P. Doran; T. Zimnicki; P. Chu; J. Allan; J. Asher; J. Bratton; D. Carpenter; D. Dempsey; C. Drummond; J. Esch; A. Garwood; A.  Harrison; L.D. Lemke; J. Nicholas; W. Ogilvie; B. O’Leary; P. Sachs; P. Seelbach; T. Seidel; A. Suchy; J. Yellich. 2022. Groundwater in crisis? Addressing groundwater challenges in Michigan (USA) as a template for the Great Lakes. Sustainability. 14(5):3008. (DOI:10.3390/su14053008).

Yancey, C.E.; D.J. Smith; P.A. Den Uyl; O.G. Mohamed; F. Yu; S.A. Ruberg; J.D. Chaffin; K.D. Goodwin; A. Tripathi; D.H. Sherman; G.J. Dick. 2022. Metagenomic and metatranscriptomic insights into population diversity of microcystis blooms: spatial and temporal dynamics of mcy genotypes, including a partial operon that can be abundant and expressed. Environmental Microbiology. (DOI:10.1128/aem.02464-21).