Postdoctoral Fellowships

CIGLR administers a competitive postdoctoral fellowship program that provides salary and research support for postdoctoral fellows to work closely with a CIGLR Regional Consortium partner and a CIGLR or GLERL scientist on a project of mutual interest. The goals of the postdoctoral fellowship program are to 1) expand research training opportunities for postdoctoral scientists working in the area of freshwater sustainability, and 2) enhance collaborations between CIGLR’s Consortium partners and NOAA GLERL in ways that complement NOAA’s mission to improve research effectiveness and impact in the Great Lakes. We also seek to use these fellowships to increase diversity in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and math), and thus, strongly encourage proposals that support individuals from groups which have been traditionally underrepresented in government and academic workforces. Please see the linked announcement below for more information.


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Current Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Alain Isabwe

University of Michigan-CIGLR

Shay Keretz

University of Michigan-CIGLR

Kristie Mitchell

University of Michigan-CIGLR

Kelly Hoyer

University of Michigan

Kyla Semmendinger-Raney

University of Michigan-CIGLR

Justin Riley

University of Michigan-CIGLR

Amanda Suchy

Central Michigan University

Amar Deep Tiwari

Michigan State University

Jamie Ward

University of Michigan-CIGLR

Kim Chu-Fang Yang

University of Michigan (2024) 

Qing Yang

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee